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follow Since 2004, my primary goal has been to help small to mid-size companies analyze, design, and develop custom applications to streamline business functions and increase process efficiency.

Nearly 20 years ago, my first computer job was implementing custom computer software for textile companies across the Southeast.  Having installed systems in dozens of companies of all shapes and sizes one thing soon became apparent – http://blog.kalungi.com/2017/03/ No one software product could fit the specific needs of each company.  There are many fine ‘Off the Shelf’ software products on the market but eventually a company will want to extend their business processes beyond the capabilities of the software.

Although I have worked in many areas of Information Technology, helping companies find the right software to fit their needs and improve their bottom line is what I have enjoyed the most.  Give me a call today for a free consultation – 336.756.7007.


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