Custom Application Development

Successful software development is a blend of technology, vision and creativity, and BRCS has been on the cutting edge of software development.

Technology, while important in development projects, needs to be viewed from a broad perspective…and with a vision. What’s the long-term goal for the application? What emerging technologies might obsolete or invalidate the application being considered? Can the current development be migrated to other applications or platforms without starting over? Media Plexus can help you examine and evaluate all of these questions for today and tomorrow.

Creativity in software development requires thinking outside the box. Anyone can throw enough code at a project to make it work. But, does that make it simple, robust, reliable and flexible? That’s where the creativity that the skilled and experienced developers at BRCS can help.

  • Web-based or stand-alone custom applications
  • Mobile applications: Smart Phones, iPhone
  • Middleware systems
  • Microsoft Office application development
  • E-Bay and social networks connected applications
  • Asset Tracking & Inventory control systems
  • Client management & communication systems
  • Document managements systems
  • MS.NET Framework SDK · VB.NET, C#, C/C++ · Java/JavaScript, SQL
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